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Shop window of the studio at Bismarckstraße 44, Saarbrücken

Changing work in the period April - July 2020

soft strokes


soft /sɔft/, adj.

1. soft The word soft primarily describes soft materiality, but there is actually a big promise behind it: soft things imply comfort, well-being, intimacy and security. You think of a beloved piece of clothing that you feel particularly good in and that you particularly like to touch. You spoil yourself with soft toilet paper and soft handkerchiefs. And the blanket on the couch, which you love to snuggle up in, is so nice and soft. 2. Gentle, tender Porn is often referred to as soft porn in which the actors treat each other very tenderly and caressingly. Many people often experience soft sex (also with themselves) as particularly sensual and loving. 3. Sensitive, requiring little hardness Men with these characteristics correspond to a modern, reflected and enlightened image of man and were called “softies” in the past by unreflected and non-feminist people. They have no problem showing their feelings and are not afraid of losing their masculinity if they show themselves to be vulnerable and empathetic.

The works in the Soft Strokes series deal with the various meanings and reinterpretations of softness. Soft brushstrokes not only depict soft materials, but also question outdated images of men. Various works from the series will be presented in rotation from April to July.

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