Freedom for tits!

Nomination for the Peter and Luise Hager Award 2019 on the topic resistance


Freedom for tits!

125 x 100 cm

Oil paint on wood

The bra is a piece of clothing that has always caused discussions. It is a symbol of resistance that has been subject to ambivalent fluctuations over time: first a sign of freedom, then again a great feminist enemy. The former symbol of resistance to prevailing patriarchal patterns was soon used by industry and society to restrict women in their self-determination, their sexuality and, last but not least, in their role within the system.

This painting is intended to make a statement: AGAINST unnecessary bras, against fashion and consumer society and against shame! But FOR a self-determined body image, for free sexuality and for the freedom to be able to lead your own life according to individual ideas.

 © 2020 by Darja Linder

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