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open and framed

Project with primary school children at the Kinderschutzbund Eschweiler.

The children received blank canvases (or wooden panels) and were allowed to paint on them together. Abstract figures and expressive play of colors emerged. The panels were previously prepared with masking tape so that the wood grain could remain unpainted at this point. After removing the masking tape, a frame was created in the picture that gives structure to the otherwise very open and intuitive project.

The painting process of the small artists was photographed and documented by sketches. After the children had finished their creative work, they were integrated into the picture themselves in oil paints. In this way, there are several levels of content as well as formal, because you can see not only the painting of the children, but also the painters themselves.

A simultaneity of process and product arises.

December 2016 | each 80x80 cm | Acrylic and oil on wood

eschweiler3_(2016) 80x80cm.jpg
offen und gerahmt
eschweiler1_(2016) 80x80cm.jpg
eschweiler2_(2016) 80x80cm.jpg
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