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Concept description


Anyone who has ever stayed somewhere with several people will know the feeling of belonging together. Whether as children at overnight parties, on school trips or later at festival camping - going to bed together and getting up welds together. The shared experience of this actually intimate situation ensures that you lose your distance to others incredibly quickly. By organizing concerts with the Haifischblut Collective and hosting the bands in my apartment, I have been able to experience this situation regularly.

Dealing with the subject has resulted in paintings that capture the special feeling of friendship, intimacy and conviviality both in terms of content and form.

The focus of the entire project is on spending the night together and the associated feeling of togetherness. Various program items are intended to give visitors the opportunity not only to be reminded of the feeling, but to relive it themselves.

The concert, which logically starts every evening before a band stays with me, should not be missing. Then the party continues in the club rooms of the Blau. A room is converted into a bedroom. With lots of mattresses and bed linen, guests can spend the night there after the party.

In this way, many strangers come together who have danced and celebrated together and now share a place to sleep. What can be seen in the exhibition is experienced in person. The following day there is a big breakfast, of course with many vegan spreads, because they should not be missing in my home and even made it into the picture in the painting "Beach Party". The connection between the painting exhibition and the party event creates a bridge struck between the two branches of art and music. Painting as a medium also experiences a current reference not only through the image content, but also through the type of presentation and the context.

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